Posted by: unresigned | July 27, 2008

You’re the Only One

This beauty is a repurposed vintage pin pendant. I found it in a lot of vintage jewelry I had and I removed the pin back and added a chain with a lark’s head knot. It is so simple, and yet so elegant. Lovely!

I’ve finally decided I’m ready to part with it and so I’m selling it on my Etsy here.

Peace, Jill

Posted by: unresigned | July 26, 2008

Classes At Grinnell, Iowa FiberWorks

Well I’ve finally gotten the chance I always wanted to teach jewelry making at our local bead and fabric store. If you live in the area please make plans to come to one! The store is an amazing place to look around and you can visit their website here. Just email me at or the store at to register in advance. Click here for the complete class schedule. Thanks!

Posted by: unresigned | July 25, 2008

I LOVE FRUIT reading glasses case

Although being a vegetarian would be extremely difficult for me because I really don’t like vegetables too much, I could live forever on fresh juicy fruit. Strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, limes, blueberries, you name it… I love it! So, to honor some of these exquisite natural beauties, I created this lovely reading glasses case. If you like it, you can buy it on my Etsy here.

I first painted it blue and then decoupaged on the fruits. After a couple coats I did the detailing with a blue scrapbooking pen and then I glazed the whole thing with a gel medium. I really like how it turned out! There are more pictures on my flickr if you’re interested.

Peace, Jill

Posted by: unresigned | July 25, 2008

Varieties in Newton, Iowa

First of all I must sincerely apologize for my delinquency lately. I have fallen off significantly in my posting after my recent family reunion and I need to get back into the swing of things 🙂

I recently started selling at a store called Varieties in Newton, Iowa. It is an AMAZING store to visit if you’re ever in the the area and over %90 of the stuff they sell is handmade in Iowa. They also have a great website and they feature all their artists online. See what they say about me here!

I’m really excited to be selling there and I’m actually taking them some more inventory this afternoon. In other updates, I just got another lovely package from my very good friends at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads this week and all the goodies inside are still keeping me busy. I’ve added decorated hair sticks and hair clips to my line this week, as well as some SUPER cute foam earrings I made out of Model Magic. I will post pictures soon!

Hope you all are doing well and having a great day!

Peace, Jill

Posted by: unresigned | July 24, 2008

Daily Art Feature: The World’s Smallest Man Made Orange

This site has an awesome step by step picture set of someone making a super tiny orange out of polymer clay. Very cool! Good picture tutorial for working with clay too, if you’re interested in technique.

Tiny orange

Peace, Jill

Posted by: unresigned | July 13, 2008

Daily Artist Feature: Julian Beever

Sidewalk artist Julian Beever is one amazing man. He can do with sidewalk chalk what %99 of the population couldn’t do with the best paints in the world. He needs no further introduction… except that yes, that is just a sidewalk. Check it out.

dig site

Peace, Jill

Posted by: unresigned | July 12, 2008

Daily Art Feature: The Box Doodle Project

I was super excited when I stumbled across this website. The Box Doodle Project has one rule: ” Rearrange a box to make any kind of figure or object. Make the most of the least.” There is an amazing gallery of repurposed and redesigned boxes, as well as a tool that allows you to doodle a box online. Be sure to check it out here. These are two of my favorites.

Peace, Jill

Posted by: unresigned | July 10, 2008

Daily Artist Feature: Mark Jenkins

Although I don’t know much about this guy, I know that his work will make you go “Hmmm…” Ingenious and often irreverent, his work is at home on the streets, in nature and inside. Be sure to check out all the galleries at his website here.

Plastic giraffee

plastic phone

Posted by: unresigned | July 8, 2008

Daily Artist Feature: Jeff Jordan

Jeff Jordan is a surrealist painter with some stunning work. Beautiful colors and unique concepts. Visit his site here. This painting is called “The Stranded Muse”.

The Stranded Muse

Peace, Jill

Posted by: unresigned | July 8, 2008

Baby Face Magnets

These magnets are about the sweetest things I’ve ever made. I found this priceless ad for baby dolls in a magazine and there you go! A few globs of glue and scissor strokes later I had an adorable set of baby face magnets. Too cute! They’re for sale on Etsy here.

baby magnetsbaby magnets 2

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