About JewelrybyJill

I started Jewelry by Jill in 2005. I have been selling my jewelry online through Etsy since September of 2007. I have had fantastic success and everyone keeps coming back for more!

I am a young artist in the Midwest and I believe strongly that love and creativity is vital to beauty. I love to share my work and have other’s work shared with me. Art creates community, and here we are part of a worldwide community, which is a fantastic experience to be offered as an artist.

My work is eclectic to the nth degree. I have hundreds of styles of earrings that range from super simple drops to elaborate chandelier and super sparkly evening earrings. In the jewelry department I also have wood, glass, and suspension necklaces, adult and little girl stretchy bracelets, anklets, vintage button rings, bead rings, and many, many styles of pendants including those I have made from vintage postage stamps and dominos. In the non-jewelry department I have beaded bookmarks, key chains, glass collage magnets, collaged eyeglass cases, gift boxes, frames, and sometimes even a reusable shopping bag or two.

I started the business to combat the overwhelming amount of middle-aged woman running around with pricey crystal and sterling silver making ridiculously expensive jewelry. My pieces appeal to all ages, and are known for their bright colors, artistic design, affordability, and dependable workmanship. Most of my pieces are not showy, but I rely on simple lines and extraordinary color to really make them POP!

Everything I do, I do with love and creativity. Thanks for stopping by and come back often! I will be posting new things frequently, and not just jewelry! You never know what you’ll find! I’m willing to try just about anything as long as it leaves room for me to be creative!

And you know, you can never have too much jewelry!

If you see something you like in the gallery don’t hesitate to contact me through my Etsy store at http://www.jewelrybyjillonline.etsy.com (there’s a link in the sidebar too) or by leaving a comment on this page or any blog post.



  1. Hi There!

    I wanted to touch bases with you about your beautiful jewlery. I am a portrait/fine art photographer in Cedar Falls Iowa, and I just purchased a building downtown. I am going to open an art gallery – upscale boutique style – in the next month, and am looking for artists who would like to be in a new location, exposed to new buyers, that want to get the most money from their sales. I will have numerous different styles of art in different mediums, such as glass, pottery, handmade jewelry, paintings, scupltures, fine art photography, etc. If you are interested or you know someone who might be interested, please email or call and I will send you some information.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon as I hope to have my new art gallery up and running by the beginning of September!

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