Posted by: unresigned | February 19, 2009


I recently self published my first anthology of poetry, Drops of Ink, which was the culmination of about a year and a half of intensive writing, finger drumming, editing, and staring at a blank screen. But eventually 95 poems came together well enough to be suitable for public consumption so this lovely little book is the result.

The title is taken from a quote of

Here’s what the back says:

“The beauty in the path lies in not knowing where it leads unless of course, you thought you did.

Drops of Ink is a compilation of poems that tries to look at the world with open eyes, seeing the pain, but not without appreciating the exquisite beauty. It turns life over in its hands, feeling the textures, noticing the colors, and embracing the feelings. It will take you down a path, and the beauty lies in not knowing where that path will lead you.”

It’s avaliable over at LuLu in paperback for $8.97 or for download for $5.00. Check it out here.

(And, as always, remember that young artists are starving artists. Please show the love by buying a copy or downloading!)

Peace, Jill


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